Courtly Noyse

Christmas CD Playlist
Note that some are links so you can listen to them




1Noël nouvelet; God rest you merry, gentlemen (3:37)Voices, harp, gamba, recorders, xylophone, krummhorns
2Patapan (3:20)Recorders, krummhorns
3A un Niño llorando (2:48)Mandolin, voices, gemshorns, gamba, percussion
4Resonet in laudibus (2:22)Recorders, gamba, voices
5Nato nobis hodie; In dulci jubilo (2:16)Vielle, gemshorn, voices, hurdy gurdy
6Puer natus in Bethlehem (3:34)gong, voices
7Bacche, bene venies; Saltarello “La Regina” (2:31)Voices, shawm, hurdy gurdy, Vielle, recorder, tabor
8Personent hodie (3:09)Gamba, goat hooves, recorders, tabor, voices
9Orientis partibus (Song of the ass) (2:37)Hurdy gurdy, donkey, voices, vielle, recorder, tabor
10 Il est né, le divin Enfant (1:40)Recorders and tabor
11Nowell sing we (2:47)Voices, gamba, rackett, recorders, cornetto, krummhorns
12There is no rose (2:31)Voices, gamba
13Es ist ein rose (4:27)Recorders, voices
14Greensleeves (2:04)Psaltery, gamba, mandolin, voice, recorders
15A solis ortus cardine (3:42)Recorders and gamba
16Ibant Magi (1:36)Voices and gamba
17Carol of the bagpipers (1:54)Krummhorns, vielle, hurdy gurdy, recorders
18Allon, gay bergères (1:33)Voices
19Lullay my liking (3:12)Voices and gamba
20Sweet was the song (2:54)Recorders, gamba, voices
21The boar's head poem (0:55)Voice
22The boar's head (1:24)Cornetti, voices, tabor
23Gloucestershire wassail (2:49)Cornetti, mandolin, voices, recorders, xylophone